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Top 5 local Kathmandu Restaurants

Top 5 local Kathmandu Restaurants
Top 5 local Kathmandu Restaurants
Top 5 local Kathmandu Restaurants
Top 5 local Kathmandu Restaurants

With influences from all over Asia, Nepal's Cuisine is both delicious and diverse. This Guide to some of the best Local restaurants in Nepal will provide you with the knowledge you need to sample Nepali food the local way.


Situated in the ancient city of Kirtipur just 5 km away from Kathmandu, Lahana is renowned as the best place in the valley to eat traditional Newari food. The Newari people are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley and their diet consists largely of various forms of Buffalo. With breathtaking views over the city, customers sit cross legged on the floor sharing plates of food washed down with the local rice wine known as Raksi. For anybody visiting Kathmandu this truly unique restaurant is a must visit and will certainly not disappoint.

Jawalakhel Thakali Kitchen: 

If you ask any Nepali person what their national dish is they will without a doubt tell you that it is Daal bhat. This dish consisting of rice, Daal, pickle and occasionally meat forms the diet of millions of people across Nepal. Situated in Patan the "Jawalakhel Thakali kitchen" lays claim to the title of best Daal bhat in town. Their simple menu of vegetable or chicken does not disappoint and is a firm favourite amongst locals.


Whilst there is no doubt Dall Bhat is Nepal's national dish there is in fact a contender, the Momo. Originating from Tibet these steamed dumplings can be found in just about every restaurant in Kathmandu. Due to the abundance of this incredibly popular dish there is much debate within the city as to where to find the best Momos. Khyarloom, situated in the north of the city, serves up some of the best vegetable Momos in town. When you throw in the charming couple who have been running this place for over twenty years there is no doubt that this place is the go to choice for this Nepali treat.

Tibetan Tasty Laphing:

Situated down a small side alley near to the famous Boudenath stupa this small Tibetan restaurant serves some of the best Laphing in town. Laphing is a Tibetan noodle dish which is traditional served cold and much like Soba in Japan this simple dish has a near cult following in the city. Around this area of Kathmandu there are several Laphing restaurants but Tibetan Tasty Laphing stands out amongst the rest. Make sure you try both of the two varieties of Laphing on offer, you won't be disappointed!

Bhaktapur Durbar square:

Although not technically a restaurant, no trip to Kathmandu is complete without a visit to Bhaktapur Durbar square to sample "Juju Dhau" or "the king of curd". It is well known within the Kathmandu valley that the best curd comes from Bhaktapur, in fact if you eat curd in Kathmandu it almost certainly originated from this small historic city. Served in traditional clay pots this sweet treat can be found in abundance throughout Bhaktapur but perhaps the best place is a small nameless shop on the left of the main Durbar Square gate. However don't worry too much if you can't find it, if you take a walk around you are guaranteed to find a bowl of this delicious desert, and at only 30 Rupees a bowl you can afford to sample a few different shops to find the best one!

Posted by Rory Buckworth on 12 June 2017

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