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Introducing South Korea

Procession around Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress
Cheonggyecheon Stream cutting through downtown Seoul
Hiking trail on Jeju Island
Tucking into local fare in Seoul's bustling Gwangjang Market

We are delighted to report our stable of destinations continues to grow, with the recent addition of South Korea: the Land of Morning Calm.

When considering a trip to the cooler, calmer climes of East Asia Korea is often overlooked in favour of neighbours Japan and China. However, with Korean music, film, and food becoming ever-popular worldwide the focus is growing: we believe this vastly underrated destination deserves attention, and are sure it will be a big hit among those who have already exhausted the obvious charms of South-East Asia, China, or South Asia.

Bamboo’s very own Luke spent two years living just outside Seoul and remains a huge Koreaphile; adamant that Korea would make a fantastic and varied touring destination, and as such deserves a level of exploration only Bamboo can provide! Based on his experiences a detailed programme has been put together showcasing futuristic cities, dramatic landscapes, reverent tradition…not to mention a unique and intensely-flavoured cuisine.

Two sample itineraries are available to view: the Highlights of South Korea provides a whistle-stop tour of the main attractions, beginning in Seoul and travelling across the spine of the country through spiritual Songnisan and historic Gyeongju, before rounding off with time to explore the bustling second city Busan. Adventure Korea meanwhile mixes in rural areas ripe for outdoor activity - there is extended time in both the staggering Seoraksan National Park, and ruggedly beautiful Jeju Island. 

We have also put together a detailed rundown on South Korea’s local and regional highlights, and provided several well-stocked image galleries. Scouring through one will find a huge variety of landscape and experience: from mountainous national parks, rolling green tea hills, traditional villages, and an overwhelming array of cultural treasures - all of which should provide plenty of food for thought for a tailor-made itinerary!

Posted by Luke on 24 September 2015

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