Highlights of Mumbai & the West

India’s west coast offers several very different experiences: the vibrancy and sheer human mass of Mumbai, the languid tropical beaches of Goa, and the stark barren landscapes of Gujarat. Throw in a couple of excellent national parks, and some of the most awesome cultural relics on the planet, and you have an intriguing mix indeed.

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CST, Mumbai
While Delhi may be the seat of power in India, Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) is the gateway to the Subcontinent: a hub of commerce, finance, entertainment, and opportunity.
Beach, Goa
Goa is a totally unique destination in India. Once the preserve of backpackers and the package holiday crowd, this tiny coastal state is now going through something of a renaissance.
Ajanta & Ellora Cave Temples
Using Aurgangabad as a base, one can explore the magnifcent and majestic cave comples of Ellora and Ajanta. 
Stepwell, Ahmedabad
The commercial hub of one of India’s most prosperous states, Ahmedabad is a vibrant, booming city, and first in India to be declared a UNESCO Heritage city. 
Lion, Gir National Park
Located in southern Gujarat, Gir Forest National Park - widely known as Sasan Gir – is a thick, forested landscape and last refuge of the Asiatic lion.
Terrain, Little Rann of Kutch
The Rann of Kutch is possibly the most startling landscape in India and, surprisingly, one of the most biologically diverse in the entire Subcontinent.