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    • Visa: Required
    • Population: 240 million
    • Capital city: Jakarta (population 9 million)
    • Religion: Islam (86%), Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism.
    • Currency: Rupiah (IDR) 
    • Typical dishes: Bakso (noodle soup with meatballs), Ikan Bakar (grilled fish), Sate (minced meat grilled on skewers), Beef Rendang (coconut based curry), Ayam Taliwang (Grilled chicked served with a spicy sauce).  
    • Cost of the local tipple: Bintang beer £1.50
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Holidays to Indonesia

One of the Far East's final frontiers, Indonesia is a vast patchwork of islands that bridge the Pacific and Indian Oceans, each with an individual story to tell. Indonesia's alluring cultural identity is formed from a blend of influences from India, Malaya, the Dutch colonial era and hundreds of indigenous tribes each with their own spiritual beliefs and dialects. 

The expanse of the archipelago, and the fertility created by the seismic activity in the region, make for wild and vibrant landscapes to explore on a tour of Indonesia. Witness a diverse spectrum of natural wonders across thousands of islands, with a biodiversity that spans both Asiatic and Australasian ecological zones. Add to this sensational beaches with bath-warm seas, dazzling marine life, mouth watering cuisine and exceptionally welcoming locals, and simply ask how long you have for your holiday to Indonesia.

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