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    • Visa: Not required
    • Population: 127 million
    • Capital city: Tokyo (pop 12 million)
    • Religion: Shinto, Buddhism 
    • Currency: Yen (JPY)
    • Typical dishes: Miso soup, Sashimi, Domburi (rice with Tempura or Tonkatsu), Teriyaki meat & fish.  
    • Cost of the local tipple: Sake £2, Asahi beer £3.50
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Holidays to Japan

The Japanese archipelago has an intriguing history, a rich tapestry of culture and many natural wonders across hundreds of volcanic islands. Traditions play a strong part in Japanese society, and visiting Japan offers an unrivalled cultural experience which immerses you in a way of life unchanged for generations. Planning your tour presents an exciting list of iconic experiences to choose from; enjoying life in the neon lit metropolis of Tokyo, marvelling at the tranquil temples of Kyoto, the blissful cherry blossom in Spring, Mount Fuji and the Hakone National Park, a hot spring bath at a traditional Japanese Inn, glimpsing a geisha in Gion or snowboarding down a volcano in Hokkaido to name a few. Beyond these classic images of Japan are hidden endless opportunities to delve deeper and discover more of this mysterious land, the lifestyles in the farmlands of rural areas, the ceremony of Onsen bathing, the art of making kimono and the etiquette of Kaiseki banquets. With one of the world’s most advance public transport systems travelling around Japan is a delight, the people are gracious and welcoming, and the food is a true culinary experience. A genuinely enriching journey awaits you in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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