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    • Visa: Not required
    • Population: 29 Million
    • Capital City: Kuala Lumpur (population 1.5 Million)
    • Religion: Christian, Muslim, Animist
    • Currency: Malaysian Ringit (RM)
    • Typical dish: Satay, fresh seafood, Nasi Lemak (steamed rice with coconut milk, friend anchovies, peanuts, sliced cucumber, hard boiled eggs and a spicy chilli paste known as sambal)
    • Cost of the local tipple: Tiger beer (£1.50)
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Holidays to Malaysia

With a delightful mix of cultural gems, vibrant cities, thick rainforest, idyllic islands and fabulous beaches, Peninsula Malaysia has something for everybody. Whilst the restless and state of the art Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, has fashionable restaurants and spectacular 21st century architecture such as the iconic Petronas Towers, just a few hours by car or train away is the impenetrably huge Taman Negara National Park, teeming with wildlife and then the sandy beaches and colourful coral of the East coast retreats of Redang and the Perhentian Islands. To the west, the influence of over 100 years of British colonial rule is clear to see in many places that you visit in particular Penang, the Cameron Highlands and Malacca.

Malaysia has a very diverse population, where large numbers of Chinese and many Muslims from the subcontinent have joined the ethnic Malay. This blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay cultures is very evident in the delicious food. Malaysia can truly be considered a food-lover's dream destination.

Unlike some other destinations in the Far East, the well developed roads and infrastructure make Malaysia a safe place to explore independently as part of a self-drive package. If you are travelling from the UK it is especially easy as they also drive on the left hand side of the road.

There is no better way to start or finish your holiday to Malaysia than some time shopping and soaking up the atmosphere in the charming and sophisticated city-state of Singapore that rests off the tip of the Peninsula. Singapore is a rich melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and western cultures and its chic restaurants and shops and location at the tip of the Peninsular mean that it is a popular gateway for people wishing to tour other countries in South East Asia.

A luxury tour of Malaysia is an ideal way to relax and recharge your batteries, staying in some very fine hotels, strolling down the incredible white sandy beaches and enjoying some of the best food you'll taste anywhere in the world.

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