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    • Visa: Required
    • Population: 50 million
    • Capital city: Recently moved to Naypyidaw (population - lots of generals)
    • Religion: Buddhism (89%)
    • Currency: Kyat (but US Dollars should be taken)
    • Typical dish: Mohinga (rice vermicelli with fish broth)
    • Cost of the local tipple: Myanmar Beer (£1-£2)
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Holidays to Myanmar

Myanmar, perhaps better known as Burma, is one of the poorest but also one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. There are two sides to this complex land. On one hand you have a country rich in natural resources offering incredible landscapes, some truly breath-taking man made edifices, like the temples at Bagan or the shimmering golden Shwedagon, and a warm and friendly people. On the other hand you have a country at odds with itself and the international community.

For decades Myanmar’s hard-line government has left the country isolated which in turn has restricted the country’s development to such an extent that holidays to Myanmar or a tour to Myanmar is like travelling back in time. How far back into the past you travel depends on where you choose to go. A visit to Yangon, compared to Bangkok, may only take you back 10 or 20 years but a visit to some of the more isolated hill tribes may seem like a voyage back to the Middle Ages! Despite Myanmar’s contradictions this is a wonderful land that is bound to surprise and delight you.

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"Sadly the Vickers have returned to UK after having a wonderful and memorable holiday in Myanmar, thanks much to all the hard work, planning and preparation you put into our programme, which all worked..."  James & Rosemary Vickers - Surrey

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