Plugs, phones & digital in Oman

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Before embarking on a holiday to Oman it pays to familiarise yourself with the type of electical adaptor you may need to take and to plan how you will use your mobile phone and get online during your trip.

Electricity in Oman
In Oman the power sockets are of type G.  The standard voltage is 240 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Mobile Phones in Oman
Most of the big UK networks works will have connections in Oman and if your phone is enabled for overseas calls you should be able to get a signal, at least in the larger towns and cities. Connections elsewhere may not be so good. 

Internet in Oman
You can access the internet either through hotel wifi or in some cafés, but you may find connections are temperamental at times and there may be charges involved in getting online. For self-drive trips, we always include a portable wifi device so you can be online wherever you are without spending a fortune on data.