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    • Visa: Not required for British citizens
    • Population: 23 million
    • Capital cityTaipei (population 2.9 million)
    • Religion: Buddhism (35%), Taoism (35%), Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, I-Kuan Tao, Islam.
    • Currency: New Taiwanese Dollar (NT$)  
    • Typical dishes: Beef noodle soup, Mapo Doufu (spicy tofu & minced pork), Three cups chicken (chicken cooked in soy source, Chinese rice wine and sesame oil), Oyster Omelet, Taiwanese Hot Pot (similar to the Korean model, where you cook your own food at your table).  
    • Cost of the local tipple: Taiwan Beer £3, Kaoliang (strong grain liquor) £2
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Holidays to Taiwan

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to discover Taiwan and rumour has it that the first words they uttered were ‘Ilha Formosa - beautiful Island'. Any visitor to Taiwan nowadays will surely see why; with exciting mountains and jungle, exhilarating cities, stunning beaches, mouth-watering food and some of the best hot springs in the world, Taiwan has so much to surprise and delight you.

First stop on your holiday to Taiwan will be the vibrant capital, Taipei, the cultural, commercial and governmental centre. Must see sights in Taipei include the National Palace Museum, home to nearly 1 million ancient Chinese artifacts, the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial hall, constructed in memory of the former president of China and of course ‘Taipei 101', until recently the world's tallest building.

Heading out of Taipei you will find stunning natural beauty around Taroko Gorge. The Taroko national park boasts high mountains, with many peaks over 3000 metres and steep gorges. The Gorge itself is the gem of the national park with its powerful white-water river overlooked by steep cliffs and spending a day hiking around the gorge is highly recommended.

Another highlight of this beautiful Island is the romantic Sun Moon Lake. The beauty of this large lake is found in the surrounding mountains as from the lake, tier upon tier of countless peaks can be seen rising up mysteriously into the sky.

If it's relaxation and some time on a beach that you're after, then Kenting on the southernmost point of Taiwan should be included in your tour of Taiwan. An area of low-lying hills, limestone caves and an abundance of fine beaches with year round tropical weather is simply idyllic.

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