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Vietnamese food

Vietnam has abundant food supplies and an elaborate cuisine and eating out you will have the opportunity of enjoying some surprisingly good dishes, many of which are unique to Vietnam. Cooking here is seen as an art and some Vietnamese dishes have achieved international fame, including such traditional dishes as noodle soup (pho), pork sausage (cha lua), spring rolls (cha gio) and fish balls (cha ca). Traditional banquets usually include dozens of specialty dishes, pleasingly and elaborately presented, as well as dishes prepared from sea food such as lobster or crab which is relatively rare and expensive in some Western countries but abundant and cheap in Vietnam.

Eating out is easy in the major cities as you will find a multitude of good restaurants. However it is advisable to eat in hotels in remote areas unless you have reliable advice from your guide on good local restaurants.

As for drinking, Vietnamese coffee is excellent stuff and will definitely wake you up in the morning! Otherwise you might like to try some Vietnamese wine, which is made in a variety of styles. Rice wine tends to dominate but watch out as some lesser brands bear a closer resemblance to rocket fuel than to wine! Alternatively try the ubiquitous snake wine which tastes like a strong spirit and is rumoured to have fantastic medicinal properties.

If you are keen to learn about the art of Vietnamese cuisine we can offer excellent courses in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. Please let us know at the time of enquiry and we can include a course in your itinerary. 

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