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Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta
Boat, Mekong Delta

At the southernmost part of Vietnam lies a flat and lush area of land known as the Mekong Delta. The miles of inter-connecting canals and rivers here are known by locals simply as "the green lungs of the Mekong." These ‘lungs’ are responsible for the vast quantities of rice, fruit and vegetables that are produced in the region, much of which ends up in the Delta’s fascinating and bustling floating markets.

It makes a great escape from the pressures of everyday life, to spend a few days in the Delta coursing through its veins and relaxing as you soak up the local way of life and glimpse a totally different part of the country. Recently it has also become possible to travel from Ho Chi Minh City all the way to Angkor using the Mekong as your gateway to Cambodia.


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