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Weather information is an important factor to consider when deciding where or when to travel. The following table offers our opinion on when it is best to travel throughout the year, with the "Green Season" representing months with higher rainfall. Below this we offer average climate statistics and a general overview of the country's climate to help you decide when to travel.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
  • Kathmandu

    18 19 25 28 30 29 29 28 28 27 23 19
    2 4 7 12 16 19 20 20 19 13 7 3
    6 6 8 6 5 2 2 3 5 10 10 9
    15 41 23 58 122 246 373 345 155 38 8 3
    jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec

Climate - Nepal

Nepal has fairly stable weather patterns throughout the year, except during a brief monsoon season that extends from the sub-continent between June and August. This leaves 9 months of the year with good weather conditions for travel in Nepal that can be broken down into spring, autumn and winter seasons. Generally the best time to travel to Nepal is between mid-September to the end of November, and from late March to the end of May. At all times of the year the climate and daytime temperatures vary considerably from the low lying Terai in the sub-tropical south to the alpine regions in the northern Himalayas.

Autumn (September - November): This is considered the best time of the year to visit Nepal for warm and clear weather, making it the peak season for trekking. If you prefer to view the Himalayas in the comfort of a hotel from a distance (such as Pokhara or the Kathmandu Valley) it is better to go from late October onwards as clouds tend to obscure the views a few hours after sunrise earlier in the season. The mountains start getting very cold at night through November, so trekking becomes more of a challenge later on. This is also festival season in Nepal with the biggest Hindu festivals of Dashain in mid-late October, followed shortly after by Tihar in early November. The weather in the Chitwan National Park is pleasant at this time with dry warm weather, but the vegetation is very thick after the monsoon so wildlife viewing is more challenging.

Winter (December - February): Despite the proximity to the high Himalayas, the winter months are a good time to visit the lower parts of Nepal, with mild temperatures during day and crystal clear skies - so views of the mountains are at their best from afar. The days are much shorter and you need to be prepared with warm clothes for some very cold temperatures in the evenings and mornings. Many hotels and lodges at higher elevations close over these months due to the extreme temperatures, and trekking in the mountains is not really an option. This is a very good time of the year to visit southern Nepal, which includes the Chitwan National Park, where the average temperature is 25c by day. The long elephant grass in the National Park is cut early in late January, making it one of the best times for wildlife viewing.

Spring (March - May): The temperature starts rising at the start of March and steadily increases until the end of May when it can get oppressively hot in the cities and plains. This is one of the optimum times to explore higher altitude areas - haze can obscure the views at lower levels. From late April onwards much of the Himalayan slopes are blanketed in colourful blooms, so the best time of the year to visit Nepal for those with an interest in botany. The long elephant grass in the southern National Parks has recently been cut, so early in the season is a good time for wildlife viewing before the heat kicks in.

Summer (June - August): The green season in Nepal usually starts at the beginning of June, varying by a few weeks each year, but it is not as pronounced as in neighbouring countries to the south. At this time the temperatures are hot, and rainfall is relatively high, with precipitation most days in sharp bursts and occasional thunderstorms in the evening. It is still possible to visit Nepal in the green season, a time when the country is in full bloom and the air is fresh, but trekking and outdoor pursuits are more challenging.

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