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Seoraksan National Park

Craggy peaks of Seoraksan in the morning mist
Waiting for the cable car up to Gwongeumseong

The highlight of any trip out to Eastern Korea will no doubt be a visit to the sprawling and quite beautiful Seoraksan National Park. Centred around Seoraksan Mountain itself (translated loosely as Snowy Crag Mountain) the park covers four counties and three distinct sections: Outer Seorak is the closest to the coastal city of Sokcho (where most accommodation is found) and is the most visited, while Inner Seorak is less busy and contains more striking scenery and tougher walking trails. In between is the tourist village of Seorak-dong where cheaper accommodation plus the usual Korean amenities (cheaper ‘minbak’ accommodation, motels, singing-rooms, bbq restaurants, and convenience stores) can be found. This area is a real must for those looking for some outdoor adventure in Korea, with good trekking to be had throughout the warmer months and the scenery particularly resplendent in Spring and Autumn. 

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