Batang Ai - Visit An Iban Longhouse Deep In The Jungle

22/05/2015Borneo News

Malaysian Borneo is a great place to for a holiday between March and October, and is synonymous with abundant wildlife, pristine rainforest and idyllic tropical islands, but many visitors end up having little or no exposure to another of Borneo's unique draws - the indigenous tribal culture. There is no better place to come face-to-face with the indigenous people than in the Batang Ai National Park, in the heart of Sarawak.

Our "Grand Tour of Borneo" includes a 3 night adventure deep into the Batang Ai jungle, staying in the remote Nanga Sumpa Lodge next door to an authentic Iban Longhouse. Here you get shown around by the local Iban residents, learn about their culture and perhaps share some rice wine with the chief! The trip continues up river in a private long boat to the simple Lubok Kasai Lodge, located deep into the forest. Away from the vibrant longhouse scene, this is a perfect base from which to do some nature trekking in the surrounding forest and explore nearby waterfalls. You can also join the local Iban tribe on a fishing trip. For the final night of this Batang Ai adventure, travel back to the edge of the park and stay in the Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort with some time to reflect on your adventure in comfort, making the most of an air-conditioned room, a swimming pool and a decent restaurant. This 4 day itinerary is a real adventure and can be incorporated into any tailor-made tour of Borneo.