Our collection of ‘Foodie’ tours has been designed to focus on one of the most enjoyable aspects of holidaying in Asia - the wonderful food. The richer cuisine of northern Asia is shaped by the bitterly cold winters, whereas in more tropical parts of Asia the cuisine offers a more complex blend of sweet, sour, salty and spicy ingredients. Tasting the subtle variations as you travel from country to country, or from region to region is fascinating. Focussing more on the cities, our ‘Foodie’ tours tend to include more stylish hotels and have a balance of cultural sightseeing and foodie elements. Expect cooking classes, streetfood tours, tea tasting, market tours, after dark experiences and special meals in in quirky and authentic local restaurants.

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Panda, Chengdu
Wildlife & Nature, Foodie
Experience the charm of Sichuan, one of China's most varied provinces.
12 days from £3,495
Pho, Vietnam
A delicious three week culinary adventure in Indochina.
20 days from £4,295
Bun cha noodles, Vietnam
A tasty trip around the culinary highlights of Vietnam.
13 days from £2,725
Street food, Malaysia
A true culinary adventure awaits you in the gastronomical heartland of Asian food.
12 days from £3,595
Street food, Beijing
Foodie, Train Journeys
Discover some of the most delicious and diverse food on the planet.
15 days from £3,745
Tea, China
Foodie, Special Interest
Get to grips with China's tea culture on this fascinating and in-depth tour.
16 days from £3,495