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Holidays to China are fascinating affairs. The China of old: enigmatic, secretive and quietly powerful is today entering a new, dynamic, phase in its history. The old ways are being swept aside, and the country is opening up, as it strides purposefully into the 21st Century on the back of a tremendous economic boom. However, despite all the obvious changes the Middle Kingdom still holds true to many of its traditional values and there is a pervading sense of the established and ancient as you walk along the Great Wall, wander through the corridors of power in the Forbidden City or gaze at the Terracotta Army as it stands guard on its eternal watch.

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2 May 2023
First class service
Excellent service, they have a great app for your phone to keep all of your important documents for your trip along with bamboo travels...
28 November 2022
Personalised service
They listened to us, and provided a personalised itinerary that provide us with just the experience we wanted-it exceeded our expectations