Visit Ancient Chinese Villages in Anhui

Although most famous for the majestic beauty of the Yellow Mountain, Anhui Province is also notable for the number of well-preserved ancient villages which pepper the countryside near the mountain. The most famous examples are Xidi & Hongcun, both of which have a history of over 900 years and were recognised as UNESCO heritage sites in the year 2000. Hongcun also gained fame as the background for several scenes in Ang Lee's famous film 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'. A scenic 13km hike links the villages, or you can travel between them by car.

Although Xidi & Hongcun are the most famous examples, there are a number of other villages nearby which are well worth taking the time to explore as well. Bishan is less visited and therefore retains a real air of authenticity, and the Pig Heaven Inn here is one of our favourite places to stay in the area. Other examples include Nanping Village which is famous for its ancient buildings, ancestral halls, wells and narrow lanes, Chengkan is home to over 100 ancient residences, and Tachuan occupies a very scenic position at the foot of a mountain, and is surrounded by a forest of ancient trees.

We recommend extending your visit to Huangshan to include a night or two staying in one of these villages, to get a real taste of China's past.

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