Fukuoka by night

The capital of Kyushu, Fukuoka has played an important role as a trading port over the centuries giving it a reputation as one of Japan’s most cosmopolitan cities. Because of its proximity to South Korea and the rest of eastern Asia, the city has always been an important gateway for foreign influences - it is thought to be where tea and Buddhism were first introduced to Japan. These influences have resulted in modern day Fukuoka enjoying a celebrated regional cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

Heading out in the evening with a local knowledgeable guide is the best way to sample Fukuoka’s fabulous food and get under the city’s skin. The tour will pass through some culinary ‘hidden gems’ and invariably include an izakaya. The Japanese answer to the pub, izakaya have extensive menus of small, shareable plates, encompassing everything from sashimi and gyoza dumplings to pizza and deep-fried tofu, washed down with plenty of beer, sake, or cocktails. Another highlight is Fukuoka’s famous yatai outdoor stalls which set up in the early evening and serve ramen and grilled chicken skewers.

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