Osaka Street Food Tour

More laid-back and casual than Tokyo, Osaka is a foodie's paradise. One of the city's sayings, Kuidaore, means 'to eat yourself to ruin', and there are no shortages of options in Osaka if you would like to put this philosophy to the test!

This fun street food tour will take you through Osaka's vibrant Namba District, starting with the bright lights of Dotonburi. This is the heart of Namba and home to a vast array of restaurants and street food stalls. Marvel at the neon-lined streets, and stop for a picture with the iconic 'Glico Running Man' before diving in to try some of the multitude of food options. Some of the food you will have the chance to sample on this tour include Takoyaki (Osaka's famous 'octopus balls' - not to be missed!), and Kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meats and vegetables), as well as experiencing a true local Osakan experience at an Izakaya (a traditional pub/casual restaurant which serves a range of dishes). 

This tour can be arranged as a private or shared experience. 

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