Kenbu Sword Dancing

In Kyoto we can arrange for you to join in a two-hour ‘kenbu’ class, during which you can step into the shoes of a samurai and experience first-hand this fascinating facet of Japan’s cultural heritage. Kenbu literally translates as ‘sword dance’: a traditional style of dance, using a katana sword and fan, often accompanied by Japanese poems set to music. During the feudal period, samurai performed Kenbu in order to hone their mental concentration and to summon up strength before a battle. The dance is usually accompanied by Japanese poems set to music. During this class you will change into traditional samurai attire and learn a range of basic sword play techniques, fan dances and ancient samurai etiquette. After your lesson you’ll have the chance to see a kenbu demonstration by experienced practitioners.

If Japanese martial arts are of interest we have a number of other activities on offer, such as action-packed Tatedo sword fighting in Osaka, the graceful swordplay of Iaido in Tokyo, or Kyudo archery in Kyoto.

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