Dawn boat ride on the Ganges

The best way to take in Varanasi is early in the morning and out on the river. During your stay you would be picked up early and taken down to the ghats to enjoy a magical boat ride as the sun rises over India’s holiest city. The riverfront, as seen from the water at daybreak, is a truly uplifting sight: observe as daily life breaks out along the ghats – washing, bathing, sadhus smoking, children at play, the odd wandering cow – set against the backdrop of glittering temples and the rising bells and chants of the pandits. After your boat ride you will be taken for a brief walking tour of Varanasi’s historical centre. The alleys and by-lanes of Varanasi are as fascinating as anything one can imagine. Shops sell rich brocade silks, brassware and also all the articles essential for worship at numerous little shrines.

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