Drift ice cruise from Abashiri

The Sea of Okhostk on the northeast of Hokkaido is the northern hemisphere's southernmost region to see drifting sea ice and is often encased in ice between the months of January and March. A cruise on one of the Aurora sightseeing boats, which regularly depart Abashiri port, is one of the best ways to see the dramatic drift ice, and also a great way to catch a glimpse of some of the unusual wildlife that thrives in the harsh conditions including seals and Steller’s sea eagles. For those who wish to enjoy views of the drift ice from dry land, the Ryuhyo Norokko train has panorama windows and operates along the coast during the drift ice season.

Those with an interest in the science behind the sea ice should check out the Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum on Mount Tento in Abashiri.

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