Cruise through the Keralan Backwaters

A cruise through the backwaters of Kerala is the quintessential Keralan experience. A typical cruise begins in the late morning, departing from a busy mooring point but quickly making your way out into quieter surrounds. Around an hour later lunch will be served - a spread of delicious local cuisine - and after lunch your houseboat will continue meandering slowly through the tranquil network of water canals, dotted with busy hamlets and lush green paddy fields. A houseboat ride through these placid backwaters is a wonderfully relaxing experience, a perfect opportunity to put your feet up and watch the world glide silently by. Towards the end of the afternoon you will have the option of transferring to smaller rowboat, which will take you deeper into the narrow canals which are unnavigable for larger houseboats. Taking this route allows you to get deeper into the lush, bucolic scenes, passing through tranquil hamlets and observing the rural lifestyles. You will return to the houseboat for another hour or so cruising, and as the sun falls you will draw over to the water's edge and moor up for the night. Dinner will be served on board, after which you will have an evening to relax on-board.

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