Explore the caves of the Mulu National Park

The Mulu National Park in Sarawak is home to one of the world’s largest and most spectacular cave networks. Probably the most famous of all Mulu’s caves is the vast Deer Cave, 2 km in length and over 100m wide and high, this cave can be explored from the relative comfort of a wooden walkway. The deer cave is home to millions of bats and at the right time of day you can see them flying out for a night of hunting in the forest. For the more active & adventurous, there are lots of more advanced caving experiences that we can arrange. The Clearwater Cave is a huge networks of tunnels and passages that can be explored in a number of different ways (some swimming and good body strength required) and one of our favourite caves is the ‘Racer Cave’, named after the racer snakes that can be found within – don’t be afraid, they prefer to dine on bats and insects!

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