Kayaking the Hin Boun River

Khammoune Province is one of Laos’ most rugged provinces, and is quickly becoming a ‘must-visit’ destination for people who are looking for a bit of adventure in Laos. In addition to the stunning Kong Lor Cave, this region offers a plethora of natural experiences. This is also one of the most scenic places in Laos to take an exciting journey by kayak.

The day begins with an important safety briefing at the scenic blue lagoon where your kayaking adventure starts, before you cast off along the remarkably beautiful Hin Boun River. Marvel at the spectacular karst mountains rising up on either side of the riverbanks as you paddle along. Kayak for approximately 4-5 hours downstream along the river to a landing spot, taking a break along the way for a rest and a picnic lunch. On arrival at the landing spot you will be met and transferred back to your hotel, arriving by mid-afternoon.

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