Snorkelling Koh Tean

Located just three miles due south of Koh Samui the triangular shaped island of Koh Tean is ringed by coral reef, and clear waters with excellent visibility, that provides excellent conditions for snorkelling. Measuring approximately two miles long by one mile wide this undeveloped island is home to empty beaches, boardwalks through the mangrove forest and a simple local restaurant that all seems a world away from Koh Samui. The only vehicles on the island are the longtail boats of the 30 or so resident fishermen, whose lifestyles have changed little over the past decades. This half day experience starts with a short 15-minute longboat ride to shores of Koh Tean to explore the best snorkelling sites, where you can glide over the reefs that teem with marine life including parrot fish, clown fish and giant clams that take refuge in the colourful fan and hard corals. You will also get to land on one of the island’s picturesque beaches to explore the boardwalks around the island, relax with a book on the white sands or swim in the calm waters.

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