Hiking around Koh Phangan

Despite being mostly famous for its raucous ‘Full Moon Parties’, which take place on only a tiny part of the island, the majority of Koh Phangan is very peaceful and extremely green. There is an array of hiking trails all across the island, so you can work up a sweat in between stretches of sunbathing.

Koh Phangan has a number of waterfalls, the tallest and most impressive of which is Phaeng Waterfall. A short and easy walk takes you past the Phaeng Waterfall and the Dom Sila Viewpoint, and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. A longer circular walk can also be done, taking you to further smaller waterfalls and pools. Please note the waterfalls are seasonal, so if you are visiting in the dry season there may not be any water.

The Phaeng Waterfalls are close by Khao Ra, the highest peak on Koh Phangan - standing at 630m and offering great views over the island from the viewpoint at the top. A round-trip hike to the summit takes around 3-4 hours, and is suitable for anyone with a decent level of fitness. We suggest tackling this hike in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day.

One popular route is the walk to Bottle Beach, one of Koh Phangan’s most hidden and beautiful beaches. Once there we recommend continuing up the short 30-minute hike up through the jungle to the viewpoint to get stunning views over the bay.

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