Discover the Open Air Art Gallery

Shekhawati was once a truly opulent region, home to numerous wealthy villages. Although some of the enclaves have lost their allure, one can still get a sense of former opulence whilst touring the glamourous painted havelis which have seen Shekhawati dubbed ‘the open air gallery of Rajasthan’. The buildings mostly date from between the 18th and 20th centuries, constructed originally as family homes for prosperous local merchants. Unassuming from the outside, the interior courtyards are richly decorated with murals depicting mythology, folklore, religious epics, and even cross over into modernity with depictions of trains, telephones, and European traders. Most of the havelis remain owned, if not inhabited by, family descendants and are generally occupied by a sole caretaker who will help show you around. Going from home to home one finds differing levels of restoration – some are very well maintained, while others lie in semi-ruin – which all adds to the charm and intrigue.

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