Wander the ruins of Mandu

Mandu is the largest standing fortified city in the world and nothing can prepare the visitor for their first glimpse of its walls. With a total circumference of about 75 km, these walls have remained relatively unchanged for 300 years. The city has long been abandoned but the ornate architecture is simply breath taking. 

Known as the 'city of joy', Mandu has had a chequered and varied history. The city was founded in the 10th century by Raja Bhoj and was ruled by several dynasties through its history. The fort is entered through Bhangi Gate, a portal so designed that it would be a fool-hardy enemy who dared a frontal assault. The seventy-five monuments in Mandu lie in a few distinct groups, the most important of which are the Royal Enclave, the group around the village of Mandu and the Rewa Kund Group. 

The foritified city is just over an hour’s drive from Maheshwar and a half day excursion with private driver and local guide can be arranged for you to take in the monuments at your own pace.

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