Putting to bed ceremony at Meenakshi

The mesmeric Meenakshi temple complex is within a high-walled enclosure, at the core of which are two sanctums, in turn surrounded by a number of smaller shrines and grand pillared halls. Especially impressive are the 12 gopurams - soaring pyramid towers which rise from solid granite bases, wildly decorated with stucco figures of deities, mythical animals and monsters painted in vivid colours. You will arrive in time for the evening ‘putting to bed’ ceremony, a dazzling affair of noise and colour which is not to be missed. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s consort Parvati, known here as Meenakshi. Following the final prayer of the day the image of Shiva is taken from his quarter of the temple to join Parvati in hers, escorted on a silver palanquin, and accompanied by dance, music, and devotions.

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