Make the Pilgrimage to Shatrunjaya Hill

Palitana’s Shatrunjaya Hill is considered the most sacred pilgrimage site in the Jain community. Access to the temples is to climb a total of 3,950 steps, a total distance of 3.5 km, up hill, but those who make the climb will be rewarded with the spectacular temple complex and its 863 Jain temples. This temple city has been built as an abode for the Gods and as such, people are not allowed to stay overnight - not even the priests. The first of the 863 temples were built in the 11th century but construction activity has spanned a total of 900 years with successive worshippers of the non-violent and trading Jain community designing their own temples, clearing the crest of the hill and levelling it into terraces. The temples are exquisitely carved in marble and when seen from a distance, they appear to be ivory miniatures. An early morning departure from Bhavnagar will be required to allow the uphill climb in the cool morning hours before the mid-day heat. For those who would have difficulty making the climb, chair slings can be arranged to take you to the summit.

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