Sunrise at the Golden Rock

The 'Golden Rock', or Kyaiktiyo, is a huge boulder completely covered by gold leaf, delicately balanced on the edge of a cliff, and famous for its precarious position and religious importance. Until recently you would reach the pagoda, joining local pilgrims and other tourists, in an open truck with bench seating - but these days it is also possible to take a cable car all the way up the mountain. On arrival at the top of the mountain you will then walk to the pagoda complex where you can get amazing views of the famous rock and the surrounding countryside.  A visit to the Golden Rock is a must for all devout Buddhists so you can expect to be surrounded by a colourful mix of pilgrims, monks and nuns. Watch the rock change colour as the sun starts to set and then return to your hotel for dinner. In the morning rise early to watch the dawn mist evaporate and the sun rise behind the Golden Rock - a truly wonderful and spiritual occasion.   

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