Trekking from Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur

The twin sites of Kumbhalgarh Fort and the Jain temple complex in Ranakpur are a just 30km apart, a distance which can be covered by road in about an hour. However, more active types passing through this scenic and culturally-rich corner of southern Rajasthan might consider a guided hike, starting from Foota Deval, a short drive from Kumbhalgarh. At Foota Deval you will be joined by an accompanying trekking guide, and together you will set off on the trek down to the Ranakpur temples. This downhill route will take you through the forested hills, sticking to a marked track all the way, and can be covered in a comfortable 4 hours. There will be a stop en route to visit the ancient cave temples of Parsuram, and there may also be sightings of rare birdlife. You will come out of the trek at Ranakpur in time for a delicious lunch within the temple complex. Built in the 15th century, these well-preserved temples are one of the most holy places for Jain followers. The complex dates back to 1439, and enjoys a peaceful setting in a valley on the edge of the Aravalli Hills. The main temple is ‘Chaumukha’ - the ‘four-faced temple’ - and is dedicated to Adinath, the first of the Jain teachers. The grand, beautiful structures are covered in intricate carvings: some 29 halls are supported by 1,444 carved pillars, of which none are alike.

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