Muntigunung community trek

The villages of Muntigunung are located on the intensely arid northern slopes of Bali’s mountains with dramatic views of Mount Agung and the island of Lombok. A guide from the local community will meet you at the starting point of the trek, from which point the path ascends for around an hour to a viewpoint from where you can see the entire caldera and views of Bali’s north coast. After a break for snacks and drinks the trail descends to the villages of Muntigunung in the arid foothills of the mountains, with dramatic views of the volcanic canyons. The locals in the villages lead a harsh life due to an intense dry season which lasts 8 months. A Swiss backed NGO has set up a project to help the villagers by constructing 11 buildings with expansive roofs to collect and channel rainwater into specially designed tanks so locals can have access to water year round. These roofs also provide a place for the villagers to work, making handicrafts such as weaving an sculptures made from pumpkins. The project also oversees the production and processing of rosella tea and cashew nuts to ensure the people have an income and spend time in the villages so that their children can attend school.

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