The hidden villages of Bagan

If you would like to find out life outside of the famous temples, there are plenty farming villages around Bagan where you can witness country life. Drive through Bagan’s countryside to the rustic village of Baw Lone Kyun which is located at the south of New Bagan. Off the beaten track, this traditional village is the perfect way to discover the agriculture of Bagan and interact with friendly locals. Afterwards drive to Minnanthu - a very tranquil and isolated village where you will have the opportunity to see the diversity of Bagan's handicrafts and agriculture techniques. Continue your village exploration with a visit to Na Jo Ai village, where you will discover a unique project "the bottle library" which has been built entirely with plastic bottles by a local youth organization who wished to raise tourists and Bagan's residents’ awareness regarding the reuse of plastic. Visit the library, where you can exchange, share, and communicate with locals about how we can collectively save our planet.

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