Visit a hill tribe market

The mountainous regions of northern Vietnam offer wonderful opportunities to meet indigenous folk and there is no better chance of learning about the local lifestyles than visiting one of the bustling weekly markets. The local ethnic markets are an important event where people from many different tribes will converge to sell their wares and stock up on supplies. Some of the best markets can be found around Sapa and Hoang Su Phi and it is important to plan your dates if you would like your trip to coincide with one of the larger local markets.

There are three major markets in this scenic area: Bac Ha Market is considered the largest, most colourful market and is usually held on Sundays. Bac Ha Market is frequented by the local population of Hmong, Dai, Tay and Nung people. The Can Cau Market is held on Saturdays and frequented by the Flower, Red and Black Hmong and the Tay. Finally, Coc Ly Market is held on Tuesdays and similar to Bac Ha is frequented by the local population of Hmong, Dai, Tay and Nung people.  

These markets are held in areas with beautiful scenic backdrops and are an excellent opportunity to see members of different hill tribes, colourfully dressed, selling handicrafts and products. Our Hill Tribes of Vietnam itinerary has been designed for those looking to learn more of Vietnam’s diverse hill tribes and their culture.

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