Discover Trobriand culture

It's fair to say that life on the Trobriand Islands is a little bit different, and the islanders have some unusual views and customs. On a visit to these fascinating islands you will visit villages to meet some of the locals and familiarise yourself with some of the islanders' unusual customs which include the practice of matrilineal descent, a belief that pregnancy is caused by ancestral spirits, and a tradition of eating alone. The village visits will also give you a real insight into how the 'Trobes' live and work. You will have a chance to see a traditional sing-sing in one of the villages and in another you will witness the eccentric, and sometimes violent, version of cricket the islanders play. After tribal conflict was banned on the islands, cricket became a replacement for war in the Trobriand culture. Matches are often played between all male teams and can last for several months! A visit to these islands is bound to be an eye-opener. 

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