Kolkata 'confluence of cultures' walking tour

Kolkata is an atmospheric and alluring city, and as a port city has long been a destination for migrant workers from across the globe. This walking tour, taking in Kolkata’s little known ‘confluence of cultures’, is an ideal warm-up to the city. Kolkata, or Calcutta, has witnessed many more cultures in its past than most other cities have in this globalised, and multi-cultural, present day. The walking tour will trace the origins and remains of the varied communities that hung up their boots and called Kolkata home. You will visit such migrant communities as the Chinese who thrive in China town, the dwindling Parsis or the Zoroastrians, the Armenians who gave the city its oldest surviving Christian church, the Anglo-Indians, the Muslims, the Marwaris, the Biharis and many more that made this city a great melting pot of diverse cultures.

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