Cycling on Silk Island

Phnom Penh is a busy and lively capital with myriad attractions, but if you are looking for some tranquillity the island of Koh Dach in the Mekong River offers the perfect escape from the urban environment. Located just 15km upstream from the city centre, Koh Dach (or Silk Island) is a sleepy community of Cham Muslims that are famous for their silk weaving production, and other handicrafts including pottery and wood carving. The island is approximately 10km in length, and completely flat, which makes it the ideal terrain for a rural cycling trip near to Phnom Penh.

The experience starts with a short drive from your hotel to a local jetty north of the city where you board a small ferry taking you across the Mekong River to Silk Island. You will then start cycling around villages where there is a weaving loom under every house. Friendly locals will invite you to their stilted wooden houses and demonstrate the techniques of silk and cotton weaving that have been passed down over the generations. Wind through small trails to explore small farms growing exotic vegetables in the fertile soil and pass by small schools and colourful pagodas. To circumnavigate the island you will ride for approximately 25km, but the length of the trip can be tailored to individual fitness and ability levels.

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