Cycle around Erhai Lake

If you find yourself with time to spare in Dali, why not jump on a bike and take a trip around Erhai Lake? The easiest route is to leave from modern Dali (Xiguan) and head east, because the eastern side of the lake is said to be less hard-going and more scenic than the western route. Along the way you can enjoy the scenery, and stop off at villages around the edge for a glimpse of rural life in Yunnan. Translated as the 'ear-shaped sea' in Chinese, Erhai Lake is one of China's biggest freshwater lakes, and the clear waters, coupled with the surrounding scenery and views of the Cangshan Mountains make it a very beautiful place to spend a day exploring. The lake is too large to cycle around in one day, but shorter half or full day tours can be arranged to cover a smaller section.

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