Become an amateur botanist

For botany enthusiasts Bhutan rates very highly as a country to visit. The variety of landscape, and resulting diversity of ecosystem, means that over 5000 species of plant have been allowed to flourish here. The difficulty of the terrain, and the small human population, also help to preserve forests and natural landscapes that in other countries would be given over to development, or plundered for their natural resources. The result is an absolute wealth of ancient & evergreen forest, tropical vegetation and alpine flower meadows throughout the whole of Bhutan.

Orchids & Rhododendrons
It is believed that there are 600 species of orchid, and 46 species of rhododendron, thriving in modern day Bhutan, as well as a multitude of other colourful flowering plants all of which help to cultivate Bhutan's reputation as the last Shangri-La. Many visitors like to time their visit to Bhutan to coincide with the flowering season and the best time tends to be Spring (from March to May) when many flowers, including the rhododendron, adorn the valleys and hillsides.

If you would like your tour to focus on the flora in Bhutan please let us know and we can put together a suitable itinerary. 

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