Kayaking on the Kampot River

One of the best activities in Kampot is kayaking in the mangroves and wide estuarine waters of the Tuek Chhou River, considered one of the most picturesque in all Cambodia. The water descends from the imposing Bokor Mountain which overlooks the town, and becomes a slow moving, meandering body of water dotted with fishing villages, colonial riverfront houses, temples and paddy fields along its banks. The most popular route for casual kayakers is an offshoot of water 5km upstream from the centre of town which is known as the Green Cathedral, named after the dense foliage stretching from bank to bank, which takes between one and two hours to complete. This stretch of waterway is particularly good for early morning bird watching, and spotting other wildlife including dragonflies and waterfowl. For more advanced kayakers here is a longer kayaking route that takes you further afield to the Pagoda Lagoon, and a more technical section at the Teuk Chhou rapids further upstream.

The Green Cathedral is a short paddle from the Champa Lodge, so this is a great choice of accommodation for keen kayakers and water sport enthusiasts. Kampot combines well with the coastal resort of Kep, or as a place to break the long journey from the Southern Islands to Phnom Penh.

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