Street food cycle tour in Malang

Malang is one of the only towns in Indonesia. Here one can explore readily by bicycle: taking in the old charm of colonial shady quarters, traditional “kampongs” (neighbourhoods), and green city parks, mainly riding in quiet streets and alleys where friendly locals and birds are your constant companion. On this guided bike tour you will see the traditional bird and flower market, the river kampongs of Semeru, the old Dutch historical neighbourhood of Oro Oro Dowo with the oldest market in Malang, and Jalan Ijen (Malang’s most famous boulevard). You will also get to sample the best of Malang's street food: try freshly rosted Tugu Kawisari coffee, Petel Malang (vegetables, soybean cake, hot steamed rice and peanut sauce), Nasi Rawon Malang (black keluak nut tender beef soup), Bakso Malang (meatball soup) and CwieMie Malang (Peranakan chicken noodles).

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