Brew your own traditional alcohol

Korean cuisine is one of Asia’s most unique and consists of a range of traditional dishes and beverages. Some such as Kimchi have grown in global popularity whereas others are still relatively unknown outside Korea. This is particularly true of its traditional rice wines, which while popular in South Korea, have not found as much exposure globally. The Korean Traditional Alcohol Gallery located in the futuristic Gangnam district in Seoul informs visitors — overseas visitors and locals alike — of the history of the four traditional Korean liquors: makgeolli, yakju, soju, and traditional Korean wine. After a brief and very informative lesson, guests are then given the opportunity to taste each type of alcohol. After this short presentation, guests will be given the opportunity to make their own Makgeolli. This milky, off-white and lightly sparkling rice wine tastes sweet, tangy, bitter, and sour with the chalky sediment giving it a cloudy appearance. As a low proof drink of six to nine percent alcohol, it is often considered a communal beverage and traditionally served in bowls rather than glasses. In Korea, makgeolli is often unpasteurized, and the wine continues to mature in the bottle, making it an excellent souvenir to bring back with you on your return.

This is one of the many appetising experiences included on our exciting foodie tour of South Korea – A Taste of South Korea.

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