Hyderabad Biryani Tour

For most people in India Hyderbadi cuisine is synonymous with one dish: biryani. Biryani is an integral part of cuisine across India: from the palaces of the sultans, to the smallest back alleys in the most remote of villages. Nowhere however is this epic dish quite as integral to local culture as Hyderabad. This shared excursion explores the many regional and subtle foreign influences that make the Hyderabadi version of this dish so special. A knowledgeable local gourmand will lead you through Hyderabad's many biryani hubs where you will see huge handis (earthenware or metal cooking pots) of fragrant rice, filled with meats and vegetables and closely-guarded combinations of spices. The tour will end with a sumptuous Biryani served in a simple Hyderabadi home.

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