Jahoo Gibbon Camp

The Jahoo Gibbon Camp is an exemplary ecotourism project run by the local Bunong community that allows visitors to explore the Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Cambodia’s Mondulkiri Province. The camp is located around 25km from Sen Monorom, and consists of simple bamboo tents with beds, toilets, shower, and the Bamboo Lounge where home cooked dinners are served. The world’s largest known populations of yellow-cheeked crested gibbons and black-shanked doucs are found in this area of lowland tropical forest, and you also have the chance to spot a number of rare bird species, Asian Elephant, Bears, Banteng and Gaur. At dawn the WCS Bunong Gibbon Researchers will guide you on trekking trails through the protected forest to track the gibbons and doucs. There are also great opportunities for bird watching, waterfall hikes, visiting local farms and learning more about traditional Bunong culture from your hosts.

This experience is part of our Project Protect Pledge. See here for more details - https://www.bambootravel.co.uk/pages/responsibletourism

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