Nocturnal Wildlife Safaris

A large proportion of Borneo’s wildlife is nocturnal having evolved heightened senses of smell, sight and hearing to find prey or avoid predators in the rainforest with no light. Nocturnal safaris are available at many of Borneo’s wildlife lodges and National Park accommodation, and these are particularly popular with the more serious wildlife enthusiasts in search of elusive and unusual animal species. This experience ranges from guided nature walks along forest trails, to the more specialist 4WD night drives using spotlights to search for wildlife in the canopy and along the sides of the track. In places such as the Mulu National Park and the Kinabatangan River area expect to come across a host of weird and wonderful creatures that are relatively easy to spot on forest walks such as stick insects, frogs, beetles, snakes, rodents and a number of nocturnal bird species. Night drives are available at Tabin Reserve and Danum Valley, which also provide the chance of spotting mammals such as civet cats, giant red flying squirrels tarsiers, slow loris, flat-headed cat and porcupines. For the avid wildlife enthusiast is search of the elusive clouded leopard we would recommend an extended stay at the Deramakot Forest Reserve, which is regarded as one of the best places in Borneo for wildlife spotting. Please speak to one of our Borneo specialists to plan the most suitable nocturnal wildlife safari on your next rainforest adventure.

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