Gunung Mulu is Sarawak’s largest National Park, protecting an area of lush low-lying rainforest with a varied topography including high mountain peaks, peat swamp, limestone peaks and forested terrain. Mulu is most famous for its spectacular network of caves, especially Deer cave where thousands of bats fly out into the rainforest each evening. The vast network of caves extends over a length of 50 kilometres, one of which is the second largest in the world and the Deer cave itself is comparable in size to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Another spectacular feature of Mulu are the Pinnacles, a collection of 45 m high thin limestone pinnacles clinging to the side of Mount Gunung Api and forming a forest of silver-grey encircled by thick green vegetation. Gaining access to the Pinnacles is possible on a tough yet rewarding 2 or 3 day trek, which includes staying overnight in tented accommodation.

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