Walk in the Taroko National Park

Covering an area of around 1500 square kilometres, the Taroko National Park has countless great walking trails and your guide will be able to recommend a walk that is of the right length and difficulty for you. Some are really very straight forward and attract crowds of tourists, but others are lesser known and you might find that you have a scenic view of the dramatic gorge all to yourself.

One of our favourite short trails is the ‘Baiyang Trail’, which takes a couple of hours (it’s around 4km) and includes a stop at the Baiyang Waterfall and a walk through a 380m long tunnel – so a torch is required!   

For a longer walk the Dali-Datung Trail – an extension of the Shakadang Trail - leading to 2 isolated aboriginal villages is one definitely worth considering. This trail takes a full day (7-8 hours walking) and like some others, it requires a special permit, which your guide can help you obtain if you ask them about it in advance.

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