Marathon running in Asia

Marathon (and half marathon) running has been growing in popularity in recent years. We appreciate it's not a pursuit in which everyone will want to partake, but, for the keen runners among you, here are a few interesting races that we can include as part of your tailor-made holiday.

1. December 2016 sees the 21st annual Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. A half marathon around one of the world's most incredible archaeological sites which raises money for victims of land mines in Cambodia.

2. Usually in the 3rd week of November every year, the Bangkok Marathon has aid stations manned by enthusiastic volunteers handing out slices of watermelon and thai snacks to runners. The race starts at 2am to avoid the heat.

3. If you are planning a trip to China, why not plan your trip to coincide with May's Great Wall Marathon. Running along one of mankind's most iconic monuments, this marathon involves challenging climbs and 5164 steps. If the full marathon sounds a bit mad (it does to most of us!) then there is also a Half Marathon or an 8.5km fun run also on the wall.

4. With over 300,000 runners, the long standing Tokyo Marathon is considered one of the 6 world marathon ‘majors' and takes place in late February every year. A fine time of year to plan a wider tour of Japan.

5. If you are a competent runner at the very peak of your powers, the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon might be the challenge you've been waiting for - scaling South East Asia's highest mountain in just a few hours - only the super fit need apply!